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With a wide range of contact lenses specifically designed to address multiple vision problems, you may be able to get contacts now even if you couldn't in the past. Set up an appointment with our optometrist to determine the best contact lens solution for you. We're always standing by to help.

The contact lens you are looking for

The latest in contact lens technology!

 • Multi-focal contact lenses

 • Single use contact lenses

 • Daily-wear soft contacts

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 • All brands

 • Competitively priced

Time for a new set of contacts?

When you find a brand of contact lens that you like, no other contacts will do. You can count on In Focus Eyewear to have your specific brand with your specific prescription. When you start to run low on your contacts, just give us a call, and we'll have them ready for you to pick up!


Need a special order?

No problem - they take a few days, but we can handle those, too!

Contacts from every major manufacturer

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See well... look great!

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