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Eye and vision problem rarely happen all at once - almost always they occur so slowly that you may not even realize your vision is deteriorating until one day you notice that everyone else can read a sign that you can't.   A medical eye exam may include treatment of red eyes, allergic, bacterial and viral conjunctivitis, contact lens related infections, dry eyes, and more.

Are things starting to get a little blurry?

Registered provider for NYS DMV vision screening for license renewal.

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Out of network provider for VSP.

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 • Optometric services by NY State licensed


 • Complete ocular health exam

 • Visual efficiency evaluation

 • Verify and optimize your prescription

 • Determine which vision solution best suits


Comprehensive eye and vision evaluations:

Whether you need bifocals or astigmatism is affecting your vision, our experienced doctor can help with the most difficult of prescriptions. The key here is a complete understanding of the eye and the patience to find the underlying issue. So when your new glasses don't seem to be doing the trick, stop by and let us see if we can help.

We  specialize in difficult prescriptions

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See well... look great!

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